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The bombs fall on every continent, from the back streets of New York to the peaks of the Himalayas. Within minutes, over 99 percent of humanity is annihilated from the face of the earth, and within years the radioactive ash has cleared up the remaining few.

Nestled somewhere between alpha Proximus and beta Centauri, it takes about a decade for the news to reach you. You’re floating here in the black void for just this eventuality, to serve as monument to mankind when all others have returned to ash.

You prepare to compose a song, broadcasted on all frequencies, which will keep the legacy of mankind alive.

How to play

  • LEFT Click on a cube to select it, use WASD to move it around.
  • LEFT Click and drag to select multiple cubes.
  • LEFT Click a selected cube to save your recording, clicking away from a cube will reset.
  • RIGHT Click to pickup a cube

Software used:

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Cubleton Survive.zip 51 MB
LD46.mp3 4 MB