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You were hologramming while flying and now you've crash landed on an alien planet!

The aliens all seem pretty friendly, despite you not being able to speak their language. Luckily, you're an alienguist, so you should be able to use your cunning linguistic skills to decipher their mysterious language. Source enough spaceship fuel to make it out of the planet's gravity well, before human civilisation ends!

How to play

Use arrow keys to move.
Speaking to aliens will teach you words.
Use the panel on the right to organise and say words.
Have fun!

Software used:

Made By:

  • Andrew Wilson (@chao) - Coding, Linguistics
  • Steven Hart (@neverlucky) - Coding
  • Ango Zhu (@infraxion) - Art, Music, Sound, Linguistics


Alienguistics_linux.zip 33 MB
Alienguistics_mac.zip 32 MB
Alienguistics_win32.zip 30 MB
Alienguistics_win64.zip 32 MB


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Seems like a cool concept although learning the letters bit by bit without anything concrete seems a bit weird and at a point I'm not exactly what I should say anymore.

(1 edit)

This game seems great, but you can't scroll on the right panel, which makes the game unplayable after a bit.

Edit: nevermind, figured out scrolling.

It doesnt work right..