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I really enjoyed this! Having some more responses would be useful, since the characters don't seem to be able to understand many phrases other than those that are required to progress, but this was a charming game overall, both in concept and execution. I also found the art style very appealing despite its simplicity. Great job!


Seems like a cool concept although learning the letters bit by bit without anything concrete seems a bit weird and at a point I'm not exactly what I should say anymore.

I'm pretty much at the same place right now, I have enough words to start a thought and not finish it. Doesn't exactly help that just asking what they mean will just put you in an infinite question loop. Having a fun time but it's definitely frustrating trying to figure it out.

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This game seems great, but you can't scroll on the right panel, which makes the game unplayable after a bit.

Edit: nevermind, figured out scrolling.

It doesnt work right..