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how do i pick up items?

press G

The game crashed for me on such a fun/good run :-(

Yeaahhh, that bug has been there for a long time.
I fixed it in 1.3.1, but it sucks that you lost your run to it.

Ahh, yeah. I updated now, but.. alas..

Bah :-(

oh mannn. I guess this just shows how much I playtested it.
I'll have it fixed by the end of the day.

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Thanks man, looking forward to the next cause of a crash ahahaha.

This time I had Body Slam(attack torso using torso, 3 damage) with +2 damage on chest and +2 armor on it too, as well as +2 damage on my hand, so I was kinda unstoppable.

Just uploaded 1.3.2, fixes the issue. It was literally just a typo in the name of one of the attacks.

Also there's a web build now.

The game is super original but I wish there was a clear loss/end condition.

Thanks! Originality was indeed the main thing that I was aiming for.

Thanks also for your feedback on the lack of a loss condition, that's one of the things I was playing around with while working on this one, and it also fit the whole skeleton theme really well

Fair enough.