You play as a doomed soul trapped in the underworld, destined to wander the catacombs of the dead for the remainder of your sanity's length. Not all hope is lost however, as death is rumored to dwell in the deepest darkness, awaiting a challenger strong enough to wrest back their mortality.

In your current state however you would be no match for death. Your bones are flimsy and weak and your fighting knowledge that of a frightened orphan. You must seek out and gather bones of great power to replace your own, as well as learning how to fight like a champion belt wrestler from the other denizens of the afterlife.

The challenge will be tough, but hope will bring you to it's completion.


-Innovative damage system, where different parts of your body take damage and collapse as the fight progresses.

-Intelligent enemy AI that explores the level and collects items as you do, creating interesting emergent situations.

-Collect different bones to increase the strength of your body, to eventually overcome death itself.

-Learn unique and varied attacks from the defeated skulls of your opponents.

-PermaUNdeath - the only fail state is losing hope.

-Significant mouse integration, integral controls of the game can be conducted using just your mouse.

-Simultaneous strategic combat.

Made for 7DRL2018 with Löve.

Thank you to for their great font.

***Unlike most roguelikes, a mouse is required to get details on various different aspects of the game. Be aware of this before playing.***


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how do i pick up items?

press G

The game crashed for me on such a fun/good run :-(

Yeaahhh, that bug has been there for a long time.
I fixed it in 1.3.1, but it sucks that you lost your run to it.

Ahh, yeah. I updated now, but.. alas..

Bah :-(

oh mannn. I guess this just shows how much I playtested it.
I'll have it fixed by the end of the day.

(1 edit)

Thanks man, looking forward to the next cause of a crash ahahaha.

This time I had Body Slam(attack torso using torso, 3 damage) with +2 damage on chest and +2 armor on it too, as well as +2 damage on my hand, so I was kinda unstoppable.

Just uploaded 1.3.2, fixes the issue. It was literally just a typo in the name of one of the attacks.

Also there's a web build now.

The game is super original but I wish there was a clear loss/end condition.

Thanks! Originality was indeed the main thing that I was aiming for.

Thanks also for your feedback on the lack of a loss condition, that's one of the things I was playing around with while working on this one, and it also fit the whole skeleton theme really well

Fair enough.