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You are a lord in charge of founding and growing a new village! Use your planning skills and grit to build a bustling metropolis up from nothing.

Made by:

  • Joel Launder - Coding
  • Ango Zhu(Infraxion) - Music, Sound
  • Andrew Wilson(Chao) - Art
  • Steven Hart(Never Lucky) - Art

Font used: http://www.1001fonts.com/deutsche-uncialis-font.html

PlatformsmacOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorsChao, Occasionally Lucky, Infraxion
Made withUnity
TagsClicker, ld40, Ludum Dare 40, self-aware
LinksLudum Dare


ClickerVillage r1 Windows.zip 28 MB
ClickerVillage r1 Mac.zip 31 MB
ClickerVillage r1 Linux.zip 33 MB


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How do I help ppl? Their complaining stresses me out.

my thougt too, but seem the game already abandoned for 2 years now, kinda sad


so, not sure if it's a glitch or intentional, but after buying "the point" enough the cost starts to become seemingly random, even turning negative sometime. eventually after it got to somewhere in the 200's, it became just free. I'm going to keep going now and see what happens.


Update: It was a mistake to chase this path. I was tempted by the possibility to reach an immeasurable growth rate, but now I am left without anything. Even when the cracks started forming. as the numbers grew to be negative I kept clawing. I saw that despite what it said the amount I had still continued a steady rise. I kept going believing that just over the hill, I may find that which I seek. As I finally stumble down the other side I see only the barren fields of my greed and stubbornness. While it may continue growing, it is only in it's monotonous, slow, creep.


Anyways! In simpler terms, I continued getting "the point" in it's free state, eventually however, I think it kind of broke the game. The $/S became negative (I forget at which number specifically) despite this I was still earning money, albeit at a slower rate. I continued to buy "the point" since as I continued the negative number got smaller. eventually I managed to get it all the way down, but then the $/S just disappeared and it doesn't seem like the rate at which I'm gaining increases when I buy other things. Currently "the point" is at 6503. Take my advice, though the glitch seems tempting don't keep buying "the point" when it costs money.

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Its sad that, rather close to the point, where the true achievement become affordable, the positive value of the money flips into a negative one.

Just one more extra digit before overflow changes positive into negative and players could actually afford the true achievement.

Do you think you can make this for android? I'd love to play it sometime


It's not in the plan at the moment, sorry.
It'd be a fair bit of work to get it working well on mobile, but if there's enough support for it we might consider it.


Ok, that sounds good 🙂 I hope you get lots and lots of support! I'm rooting for ya!

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how long will this take 30 days or 3? or 24 mins??!(update) yes

Considering that yes, true achievement would take an insane amount of time to acquire, Chao is the only person capable of taking such a secret to their grave. Well played


am geting the true achievement when i get to 999999999999999999999999$?

i'm all about capitalism now i don't even read the messages

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any ones computer laggy at a certain point

I'm not that surprised that it might lag after a while.
How far in are you experiencing this?

i was trying to get true achievement 

mmm that'd do it.


Even thoug i spent over an hour here just to TRY to get the "true achievement" and still didn't get it,  I loved the game :)))

time to wait 3 days for this “true achievement”


i like that the music changes the more upgrades you get, really adds to the game.


did you know everything cost 0 at a certain number


Does the wishing well break for anyone else?


hmmm capitalism


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm capitalism indeed


i liked the dark twist later game it was cool


if you get the point thing up enough it becomes $0


this is nuts.

I love nuts

Thanks for trying it out!
Nuts is definitely what we were going for :)

My quest is to get the final item.  Im at 310,000,000,000. wish me luck boys.

Did you get it???


i wish u all the luck in the world


It is very unlikely that it is even possible (not coded in to the game).

1) The behaviour of the numbers at certain points (becoming negative or zero) would indicate that "signed int" types are being used in the code, which cannot represent the cost given. Even a 64-bit int can only hold a number up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (signed) or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (unsigned).

2) A "float/double/etc" type with 128-bits might be doable, but the observed behaviour of the game does no seem to indicate that the developers used floating point types large enough for the cost shown.

3) While there are arbitrary large number libraries/packages, again the indicators suggest no such library is in use.

4) I count twenty-nine 9 digits, which even if you were generating 310,000,000,000 per second, would take 10,228,965,156 years to complete--that is 10 billion years. I'll check back with you around that time... 8-D

English please?

I do not speak English, only Computer Programmer. Try Google Translate?

is there a way to upgrade the buildings? or are you forced to go down a dark path?

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There is no way to upgrade the buildings.




how do you upgrade the buildings?




To anyone passing by, I am on a quest to get the final item, i'll keep you updated.


After some calculations, I have found that it will take me thousands of years. But I may be wrong, as I upgrade that time should go down.




he gave up xd

That game just needed to happen... Congrats and thank you!

can you ever even get the finnal item


The more important question is, do you believe you can get the final item.



thus it can