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You are a lord in charge of founding and growing a new village! Use your planning skills and grit to build a bustling metropolis up from nothing.

Made by:

  • Joel Launder - Coding
  • Ango Zhu(Infraxion) - Music, Sound
  • Andrew Wilson(Chao) - Art
  • Steven Hart(Never Lucky) - Art

Font used: http://www.1001fonts.com/deutsche-uncialis-font.html


ClickerVillage r1 Windows.zip 28 MB
ClickerVillage r1 Mac.zip 31 MB
ClickerVillage r1 Linux.zip 33 MB


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is there a way to upgrade the buildings? or are you forced to go down a dark path?

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There is no way to upgrade the buildings.



how do you upgrade the buildings?

To anyone passing by, I am on a quest to get the final item, i'll keep you updated.

After some calculations, I have found that it will take me thousands of years. But I may be wrong, as I upgrade that time should go down.

That game just needed to happen... Congrats and thank you!

can you ever even get the finnal item

The more important question is, do you believe you can get the final item.