A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You play as Rick Jones, until-recently-ex-cop and the loose cannon of the force. The chief has a new assignment for you, take out the king pin of the greatest mob the city has ever seen. Nobody could do this job, not even you. But that doesn't mean you aren't going to try, even if you have to sacrifice everything.

Pull trash into yourself to generate your body, and throw it around to solve physics puzzles. Sacrifice your limbs to reach places you otherwise couldn't.

Made By:
- Andrew Wilson (@chao) - Coding, Art
- Andrew Persic (@yung-failure) - Coding
- Ango Zhu (@infraxion) - Music


DetritusWalks-w64.zip 12 MB
DetritusWalks-w32.zip 11 MB
DetritusWalks-Love.zip 8 MB

Install instructions


Download the lövefile, and open it with löve.

You'll have to download löve here

We used version 11.1, for people from the future.

Install instructions are on the site, and are also really easy.

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