A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A rogue-like made for LD39.

You play as a robot seeking power cores to achieve your fully powered state. In the mean time you have to manage what little power you have to keep your subsystems online and fight off other machines and scavenging humans. You will fail in your attempt, but along the way you will conquer rival machines, and splatter many meat-bags.

Controls: Use left mouse button to move around. Use right mouse button to fire laser, if you have it activated.

Your power bar is displayed on the left, each one of your components used a certain number of these bars, so you can only have a small number of components activated at once.

To activate components, toggle the lights on the side to green, this click the switch button. This will take a turn, so try and predict what components you are going to need before going into combat.

Taking damage will decrease your power bar, this can be avoided by activating your reflectors against ranged attacks, or your shields against weak human attacks.


HeatDeath r2 win64.zip 3 MB
HeatDeath r2 win32.zip 2 MB
Heatdeath r2.love 421 kB

Install instructions

--For mac and linux users

The package for mac and linux users just contains a .love file, to run this you will need to download the latest version of Love.



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combat is too high a risk for no reward. if robots dropped power cores it would give an incentive to combat that it really needs.