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In ages long past, when the world was still fresh from the forge, there dwelt within the fathomless reaches of the great desert a caste of warrior monks who had a fighting style the likes of which the world never had or will see again. They drew power from the very fluidity of their movements, merging positioning and combat prowess as one, and creating a kind of war dance to suit their destructive notions.

You play a novice member of this order, and must learn the intricacies of this unique style to overcome the desert fiends that assail you.

It came to my attention shortly after release that some of the graphical effects in the game had a tendency to make the player physically ill. This was of course not the intention, so I've added an option to disable the spinning (F2), as well as larger font sizes when the resolution increases. These were the only two additions, no other features were added, so for those of you who aren't judges I recommend playing the postrelease version.


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I of the Storm win64.zip 3 MB
I of the Storm win32.zip 3 MB
I of the Storm love.zip 67 kB
I of the Storm win64 - POSTRELEASE.zip 3 MB
I of the Storm win32 - POSTRELEASE.zip 3 MB
I of the Storm love - POSTRELEASE.zip 67 kB

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