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The Devourer came over a Millenium ago, laying his yoke on all within your system and forcing all into servitude. After a century long war, your ancestors defeated him, breaking free of their chains and tasting freedom for the first time in generations. The Devourer was not destroyed however, too great was his power, but a Labyrinth orbiting the star of your system was constructed to house his sleeping spirit. Those bound within time however can not permanently chain the timeless, and your ancestors knew that shackles forged by mortal hands would need mortal upkeep. They foresaw that their chains would last 1000 years, after which three mortals would be required to venture into the Labyrinth and renew them over the course of a century.

It is 1000 years later, and The Devourer has been dreaming. The need for renewal is becoming apparent, as The Devourer's slumber wanes, evil forces have been growing in strength throughout the system. You have been selected to take part in the first stage of the renewal, and the future of your people goes with you.

An action roguelike set in space, and filled with destructible terrain, speeding projectiles and explosive arnaments. Almost bullet hellish.

Made for 7DRL2021 using Löve2d.

Software used:

Thank you to the fantastic users of freesounds for their great audio. Credits for the sounds used are contained along with the files.


SotST win64 v1.01.zip 10 MB
SotST win32 v1.01.zip 10 MB
SotST love v1.01.zip 6 MB
SotST win64 postrelease.zip 10 MB
SotST win32 postrelease.zip 10 MB
SotST love postrelease.zip 6 MB

Install instructions

Download the latest version of love and run the .love file contained in the zip.


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i won by launching through the halls with emergency thrusters instead of doing any actual combat. was this intended?

Finally, someone beating the game via the intended route

lol. yeah i felt that actually doing combat didn't seem to be worth it. go i basically went on a suicide mission by boosting through things even if it meant chopping up my healthbar.

would be interesting if instead of automatic death there were different dialogues for if you escaped or not.

It's definitely a viable strategy, curious how you managed to get past some of the later enemies though.
I don't remember ever putting in a method for the player to escape, perhaps you mistook flying off into space as an escape route?

i mostly got through via trial and error and luck. what i mean by escape is instead of the run ending when you get to the center. you have a chance to escape after the orb activates.

Ahh yeah, that would be cool.
I think it'd kind of go against the tension curve a little bit, getting to the middle is the high point of the danger in the level, so getting out again could feel a little bit like an anti climax, but maybe if there was some interesting stuff going on with more spawns coming from outside or something it'd work.

Hi guys,

Running on Windows 7 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, I get the following error message when launching the game:

tile.lua:187: Shader uniform 'borderColour' does not exist.
A common error is to define but not use the variable.
[C]: in function 'send'
tile.lua:187: in function 'drawFunc'
camera.lua:51: in function 'drawTo'
tile.lua:182: in function 'drawCanvas'
world.lua:14: in function 'draw'
game.lua:247: in function 'draw'
main.lua:82: in function 'draw'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

I fixed it with the following change to the glow shader code:

vec4 borderColour_force = borderColour; // This line added
if (closestDist == 0 || closestDist > glowSize) {
    return vec4(0, 0, 0, 0);
} else if (closestDist <= borderSize + 0.5) {
    return borderColour_force; // This line changed

I assume that the uniform borderColour was somehow optimized away by my graphics driver, and the error was caused when the CPU code tried to access it. 

I think the problem is borderColour was never referenced outside the if statement. Referencing it outside the if statement by assigning it to the new local variable borderColour_force fixed the issue for me.


Hey, that sucks about that error, but thanks for reporting it!

And... fixing it yourself.


Well I'll definitely upload a version later implementing your fix today, it's a refreshing change to have someone find the problem themselves and tell me what it is in the bug report.

No problem. My pleasure. Nvidia drivers do things a little differently. For example I recently discovered that linking shaders without compiling them explicitly first, works just fine on my Nvidia GPU and is  an error on my Intel GPU laptop. Just things to keep in mind.

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Cannot install this win64 version. I get an error file build undefined or something like that. Oh, it seems this issue is with the Itch app itself, as i am able to download this on the browser version of itchio.

If you're using mac or linux, you'll need to download Love to run it. Making a true mac build requires having a mac, which I unfortunately do not have access to.

Hope that helps!

Love this.


I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I also hurt myself a lot :)