A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a spacewhale, genetic combine of flesh and steel tasked with ferrying humanity across the stars. From infancy you have dreamed of one day carrying your own cargo of explorers to stars unseen. That day is finally upon you.

Controls described in game.
Build inside yourself.

Version 2 is a post jam release

The features changed are as follows:
-Fuel consumption is now based on speed rather than constant.
-Food consumption is now much more linear.
-You now have a counter of how many years you have been journeying.

These changes are rather significant and affect the way the game is played quite significantly, so if you're planning on rating for Ludum Dare, please play Version 1.


Software used:
- [LÖVE](https://love2d.org/)
- [Paint.net](https://www.getpaint.net/)
- [FL Studio](https://www.image-line.com/flstudio/)
- [NI Kontakt](https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-5/)
- [Izotope Ozone](https://www.izotope.com/en/products/master-and-deliver/ozone.html)
- [Izotope RX](https://www.izotope.com/en/products/repair-and-edit/rx.html)

Made By:
- Andrew Wilson (@chao) - Coding, Art
- Andrew Persic - Coding, Art
- Ango Zhu (@infraxion) - Music, Sound
- Steven Hart (@neverlucky) - Design

Made for LudumDare41

----For Mac and Linux users
You will need to download the .love file and install Löve version 10.0.2 found at
Sorry for not using the newest version, but we accidentally started with an old one, and at that point we couldn't change it.


Spacewhalev1win64.zip 28 MB
Spacewhalev1win32.zip 28 MB
Spacewhalev1.love 25 MB
Spacewhalev2win32.zip 28 MB
Spacewhalev2win64.zip 28 MB
Spacewhalev2.love 25 MB


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Interesting concept! Just thought I'd note that "debree" is actually spelled as "debris."