Where is this?

How did you get here?

What are these things?

Why do they want you to play cards with them, and why aren't they telling you the rules?

A puzzle game about learning the rules to a card game through observation and deductive reasoning.


Left and right arrow (or A and D) to cycle cards.

Up arrow (or W) to play cards.

Down arrow (or S) to draw.

Z to bring up rules cheatsheet.

Thank you to the following freesound users for their fantasic SFX:

  • Splashdust
  • soundslikewillem
  • hartleysaurus
  • 123jorre356
  • Tetrisrocker
  • Juandamb
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GG! Took me 3 lost games to get into the rules. First time with notepad I won. Real confuzing thing with "1". I thought numbers loop: 0->1->2 ... 8->9->0->1, but not really...

Glad you enjoyed it!

Numbers looping seems to be how a lot of people are interpreting it, so I might just change it to that.

How it currently works is, if there are no possible cards that can be played (for instance if you have to play one above 10), then you can play any card.

10 being both 10 and 0 though is definitely more intuitive, so in hindsight I probably should have just implemented it as looping.

The problem is that you loop them between 0 and 1, not between 9 and 0.
I don't see "0" as "10"

Ah right, yeah I guess it's already implied by that isn't it.

I was hoping the number of objects on each card would help with that, but I guess not.

Hey dude! Super fun Math game with a great art style and premise! Only one bug just so you know! I found the little spinning this on the web browser version, but when i downloaded it the spinning just makes the cards invisable for the rest of the game? Don't know what thats about lol, but otherwise i love this game!

Heeyyy don't reveal the spinning mechanic, that's a secret ;).
That is pretty weird though, having trouble replicating it on my machine, but thanks for pointing it out.
Glad you enjoyed it :)

When you found out how to play the game it is really fun and interesting. I really liked it.


I really do not understand how the rules are supposed to work. Are the other characters supposed to all follow 1 rule?  Is there a series of rules that are already outlined?

All the different suits follow different rules.
In the little tutorial section at the start, each of the different rules are explained, and there's a cheatsheet in game to with a summary of all the rules.
Hope that helps :)

It took me a while + notepad but this is cool!

Thanks for trying it out :D
Was cool seeing the strategies you used. A lot of them were similar to mine, which was great to see, given that I implemented the ruleset. Good to see that the game is intuitive enough to be understood without creator's knowledge.

Played some more again, lovely game :D

Sometimes the game doesn't make sense. bug/butterfly rule has to be "even" or "higher" based on 4 on 1 being ok, thus 8 on 4 must be ok but isn't.

There was no rule change. I did however click outside the game to write something down and then back in (browser version). This is the 3rd time in ~8 games. Not sure always related to clicking out of the game.

It just happened again. 1 on 2 ok means odd or -1 or less thus 6 on 1 shouldn't be ok. I put 5 on top of that and it was ok.

I guess sometimes npcs don't get flagged for being wrong under specific circumstances.

this is due to a slightly confusing element in the rules. In this case, the rule is probably less than, or 1 less than, and a one is being played. There aren't any cards less than 1 though the rules just let you play anything. The same happens with 10s.

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oooooh, I had assumed that "0" is both lower than 1 and greater than 9 and only when a "0" has been played, any other number is greater than and less than at the same time.

PS: Does this mean that if the rule is +1, I can place anything on a "0" card? I was assuming I have to place "1" on "0" on +1 rules. [edit] ah yes, looking at ai's behavior anything goes in that situation...

Yep, it does mean that.
The looper 0 to 1 is a cool idea, and is definitely more intuitive than they way it is.
It is a little more complex code wise though, but if I was going to make any changes, it would definitely be to make it work like that.

(1 edit)

aaand again

no rule change

eye 3-2 ok 2-1 ok 1-6 ok?!?

started playing desktop version so I can resize. Happening again.

good concept and beautiful graphics. I didn't win at all but it makes me want to take a more serious look at it.

Thanks :)
Beautiful graphics isn't feedback that I get a lot, so it's good to see that this one has hit the mark.