A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The time of darkness is upon us, no more can the sunlit world sustain human life. But there is hope. 180 years may be enough time for the outside world to recover from the calamity, and in the mean time the last vestiges of humanity lie huddled in your bunker.

You are an AI tasked with guiding these people through these hard times. The life support systems of the bunker will easily keep them alive throughout the years, but keeping them sane is another question. All the people of the bunker are different, sometimes irreconcilably so, and you must keep them away from each others throats over the long wait.

Thank you to Grand Chaos Productions for their wonderful font, accessible below


The One Who Binds Us win64.zip 3 MB
The One Who Binds Us win32.zip 3 MB
TOWBU.love 41 kB

Install instructions

For mac and linux users:
Make your way over to the love website and install the latest version. Run the .love file provided with that version.

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