A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A dungeon crawl in which the first challenge is finding the dungeon. We took some liberties with the theme, taking it to mean one room, per window.

***Networking is used, so you may need to allow it access when it starts (don't worry it's only local).***


  • 3 whole enemies
  • a boss battle
  • a dungeon that requires you to solve puzzles to progress
  • many different items to collect
  • permanent death
  • wonderful array of sounds
  • pretty good pixel art

Made with a team of three.

  • Andrew Wilson(Myself)
  • Nathan Goodger
  • Joel Launder

With special thanks for testing going to.

  • Daniel Poloni
  • Angus Zhu
  • Patrick Leigh
  • David Adz
  • Xavier Ord

We used the LÖVE engine, here is a link to them.


We also used a font from these guys.


For Mac and Linux users, there is a .love file included with the exe, you will need to download and install love and then run this to play.

Source can be accessed by opening the .love file with winrar or winzip or alternative.

Some of the clues are pretty hard to get, so just in case you get stuck here are some spoilers.



  • WASD to move
  • Left click to swing sword
  • Right click to block with shield (if you have it)


  • At the start you are stuck in a single room, to progress you must open a new window of the game, which will create a new room for you to enter.
  • You can also resize rooms before you enter them, larger sizes result in harder rooms.
  • Rooms which are very long have a chance to have treasure chests in them, bring a key here to collect an upgrade.
  • To access the boss room, create a fullscreen window.
  • To kill the boss, destroy all the orbs, then drop the sword statue found in the starting room on the crystal.
  • There is no spoiler for the treasure puzzle, figure it out yourself (try moving the window).




Window Crawler.zip 18 MB
Window Crawler 32bit.zip 18 MB
Window Crawler source.zip 7 MB

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